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Building on the technological research, Dr Cranton has an interest in information visualisation techniques and has recently been working on the use of 3D immersive environments. Mark Fihn currently heads his own consulting company called VeritaVis, where he supports the flat panel display industry based on his expertise related to notebook PCs, Tablet PCs, touch technologies, the LCD TV market, and display related human factors, including high resolution and wide aspect ratios.

Veritas et Visus is part of this consultancy, enabling Mark to reach a broader audience in association with his research activities. He has been active in many display-related areas, most specifically in publicly championing industry-wide adoption of high resolution displays, notebook LCD standardization, and video sub-system integration. Mark was educated at St.

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Most recently, Mark has been an active supporter and lecturer at the DisplayMasters degree program in the UK, contributing course lectureships at Cambridge University, Dundee University, and Nottingham Trent University. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

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Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview This handbook offers a comprehensive description of the science, technology, economic and human interface factors associated with the displays industry. Show More. Table of Contents Introduction. Average Review.

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The Cambridge Workshops on Universal Access and Assistive Technology CWUAAT is one of the few gatherings where people interested in inclusive design, across different fields, including designers, computer scientists, engineers, architects, ergonomists, ethnographers, policymakers and user communities, meet, The editors presentessential methods and tools The editors presentessential methods and tools to support a holistic approach to the challenge of system upgrades and innovation in the context of high-value products and services. The approach presented here Handbook of the Protists.

Published in a modern, user-friendly format this fully revised and updated edition of The Handbook Published in a modern, user-friendly format this fully revised and updated edition of The Handbook of Protoctista is the resource for those interested in the biology, diversity and evolution of eukaryotic microorganisms and their descendants, exclusive of animals, plants Chapter 7 Vacuum Fluorescent Displays.


Chapter 8 Liquid Crystal Displays. Chapter 9 Other Active and Passive Displays. Chapter 10 Manufacturing Techniques. Chapter 11 Future Display Opportunities. Author Index.

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Firms and Organizations Index. General Index. Handbook of Display Technology Joseph A. Chapter 1 Historical Development of Electronic Displays.