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Note: Magic traps such as minor wards are hard to disable. Effect: One summoned elemental or outsider of up to 8 HD Depending on the version selected, a minor ward either Duration: Instantaneous blasts the intruder or activates a spell: Saving Throw: None Blast Ward: A blast deals 1d4 points of damage to one tar- Spell Resistance: No get.

This damage is acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic your Upon casting this spell, you gaze into a mirror and view a choice, made at time of casting.


Those affected can make random location occupied by a creature on another plane. Reflex saves to take half damage. You call forth an elemental or outsider of up to 8 HD Spell Ward: You can store any harmful 0-level spell that that you can see. All level-dependent features of the spell are based name, you may request that individual by speaking the on your level at the time of casting.

If the spell has targets, it name during the spell though you might get a different targets the intruder. If the spell has an area or an amorphous creature anyway. All saving throws operate as normal, except that the the creature may request some service in return.

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The more Difficulty Class is based on the level of the minor ward. This bargaining takes at least 1 round, so any or some other appropriate substance actions by the creature begin in the round after it arrives. If you agree to the service, the creature performs the task you Mirror Blast requested, reports back to you afterward if possible , and Evocation returns to its home plane. You are honor bound to perform Level: Special mirror master 5th-level bonus spell the return favor. Components: V, S, M A creature may accept some form of payment, such as a Casting Time: Standard action magic item, in return for its service.

Area: Cone Note: A calling spell that calls an air, chaotic, earth, evil, Duration: Instantaneous fire, good, lawful, or water creature is considered a spell of Saving Throw: Reflex half that type. For example, lesser mirror calling is a fire spell when Spell Resistance: Yes it calls a fire elemental. Upon shattering a small mirror, you create a magical blast of Arcane Focus: A small mirror of polished silver force energy and mirror shards. The blast inflicts 1d6 points of damage per caster level maximum 15d6. Half the damage is Mirror Portal force energy, and half is slashing damage from the glass shards.

Spell Resistance: No As lesser mirror calling see below , except you may call one crea- You create a one-way magic passage between any two mir- ture of up to 16 HD or a number of creatures of the same type rors. Once the spell is cast, the mirrors can be moved any whose Hit Dice total no more than The creatures as a group distance apart. Anyone stepping into one mirror comes out agree to perform a task for you and request a favor in return.

To make the passage two-way, cast the spell twice. A creature or object must be able to pass through the mirror Mirror Calling, Lesser physically, as if it were a doorway, so it is important that the Conjuration Calling [see text] mirrors are big enough. If you look through one mirror, you Level: Special mirror master 6th-level bonus spell see a blurry view of whatever is reflected in the other mirror, Components: V, S, AF as well as the normal reflection.

The object must be Spell Resistance: No something that you can lift and that will fit through the mirror. A useful protection against ray attacks, this spell creates a In the location being viewed, your hands seem to appear device that automatically reflects any ray spell directed at you out of nowhere, grasping the object and pulling it away into back at the caster.

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You make a ranged attack roll as if you nothingness. If they If you hit, you inflict damage per the original spell. Mirror Truth to Wisdom. No amount of normal interaction with the illusion Target: One creature or object helps characters discern the truth. However, if they look at Duration: Instantaneous the area in a mirror, the reflection shows what is actually Saving Throw: None there.

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Magical means of detecting or seeing through illu- Spell Resistance: Yes sions, such as true seeing, are handled as if this were a nor- You fire from your fingertip a focused beam i. Unlike screen, this spell does not foil scrying. To do so, make a ranged touch Material Component: A mirror at least 2 feet across attack roll. On a hit, you inflict 1d6 points of sonic damage per level 5d6 maximum.

If associated with a creature or Target: One creature object, the gem moves when the creature or object moves, Duration: Instantaneous remaining always within 1 foot. Saving Throw: None The gem stays dormant until someone casts a particular Spell Resistance: No spell any level , which you specified earlier, on the creature, If you know a location well, you can communicate informa- object, or area.

At this time the gem activates, absorbing the tion about it mentally to someone else with enough accura- spell and becoming visible and tangible. An active gem no cy and detail to allow the other person to teleport to the longer moves, even if it had been tied to a moving creature or area as if personally familiar with the location. Alternatively, object. The triggered gem floats right where it is, defying if you learn of a location through a spell like discern location, gravity.

If anything or anyone touches the gem after it has teleport tracer, or legend lore, you can use this spell to teleport become active, it explodes, inflicting 2d6 points of damage there as if you were very familiar with the location. You provide your own mode of teleport. Now, if a hamatula in the Teleport Block throne room attempts to use its greater teleport ability, it ends Abjuration up in the cell. Saving Throw: None Material Component: 10 gp worth of gold dust Spell Resistance: No You immediately know the destination of the most recent Teleport Coordinates Transfer spell with the teleportation subtype cast within the range.

This spell binds the objects together with Range: Personal a magical force.

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A Strength check DC 30 is required to Area: foot-diameter sphere centered on you break the bond. Designate Range: Personal a speed at the time of casting. A character within the zone who makes his or her sav- Saving Throw: None harmless ing throw can move at double the speed you have set for the Spell Resistance: No zone. And remember that characters who run can move up You can speak Celestial, allowing you to confer with celes- to four times their speed. Characters only make their saving tials and celestial beings, as well as give commands to your throw once per spell, no matter how many times they move summoned celestial creatures.

Freedom of movement allows a sub- ject to ignore the effects of a zone of speed. Characters cannot Components: S move faster than the rate you decide. This spell can even Casting Time: Standard action keep falling characters from suffering full or even any dam- Range: Personal age. Spell Resistance: No Material Components: A bit of glue and some string You can speak Infernal, allowing you to confer with demons, devils, and fiendish beings, as well as give commands to your summoned fiendish creatures. H arcanists in your campaign. Plus, this chapter also contains new options for potions and rules for developing a type of magical poison.

This bolt of energy, at 5 feet wide and 60 nonspellcasting allies. The blood is foul and diseased, and anyone suffer half damage. Like all applications of negative energy, this the blade strikes must make a Fortitude saving throw DC effect heals undead. The ring can be used three times per day. This benefit does not stack with the Lace Spell: Holy feat. The warrior the ring and stored there indefinitely. Ring of Red Conjures: This gold band is set with a ruby. This aura like, giving the greatsword an additional 5-foot reach.

The Book of Eldritch Might III: The Nexus

The target must have an Intelligence of at least 3 fiends and fiendish creatures that are not demons suffer and, once affected, cannot be affected again for 24 hours. In either case, the The transfer lasts for 10 minutes, during which time the creatures can make a Fortitude saving throw DC 15 for wearer can speak freely.

Faint illusion; caster level 3rd; Forge Ring, silence; Price: Faint evocation; caster level 5th; Craft Rod, holy smite; 7, gp Price: 20, gp Rod of Branding Brandthrall : This device burns into Potions flesh magical marks that prove detrimental to the branded Potion of Evasion: Imbibers of this potion have the evasion character.

The rod must be heated in a very hot flame for five ability as monks for an hour.

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The brand remains effective for 5d10 days, Faint necromancy; caster level 3rd; Brew Potion, spell pene- after which the mark vanishes. The branded character cannot resist the Variant: Identifying Potions commands of the one who branded him, as if he were the vic- Potions and scrolls, due to their temporary nature, are much tim of dominate person.

This rod can be used only once per day. Strong enchantment; caster level 15th; Craft Rod, dominate For identifying potions on the run, allow a character to take person, limited wish; Price: 68, gp a tiny sip or a whiff of the aroma; a successful Knowledge Rod of Branding Silence : This device burns into flesh arcana check with a Difficulty Class of 15 plus the spell magical marks that prove detrimental to the branded charac- level lets the PC identify it. This generous variant makes ter. A brand is applied in the same manner as ters to use the potions they find immediately. The brand remains effective for 5d10 days, after which the mark vanishes.

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  4. Rods and Staves The brand created by this rod looks like a human face Bookrod: This strange wooden rod is covered in odd knobs contorted into a scream. The branded character cannot and lumps. This rod can be like Braille.